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Yaffa Media is one of Australia’s largest independent media companies, with more than 30 publications under their banner including AdNews and Bicycling Australia. On the eve of their 90th year of operation, we had the privilege of creating a new identity for them, helping to usher in a new era of progressive media driven by a dedication to providing quality products designed to inform, entertain and inspire.

Embracing the notion of Yaffa as storytellers through their many publications, as well as print and digital platforms, we structured our approach around the notion of ‘conversation’. An iconic, stylised ‘Y’ constructed of two quotation marks became the centrepiece of a minimalist, bold identity with a striking black and yellow colour scheme. This simplified colour palette, in conjunction with black and white photography, creates brand recognition and a cohesive look for collateral that by its nature must source content from many different sub-brands. Paired with the tagline, ‘Engaging media meets inspired content’, this idea of conversation becomes a key brand message promoting the forward thinking philosophy of the company and their interaction with many audiences.

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‘The team took our 90 year old history and propelled us, with a new brand into the modern media landscape. From the initial workshops to the final reveal the project ran like clockwork. We were thrilled with every aspect—brand look, building aesthetic upgrade, supporting promotional material and a new website.’

Tracy Yaffa—Managing Director

‘Staff love the fresh dynamic look which now matches our vision. Having considered pitches from some large agencies we were so pleased to have chosen L+L Design. They nailed it!’

Tracy Yaffa—Managing Director