Lead Smart Awareness Campaign
NSW Environment Protection Authority

Brand Identity
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Lead has been mined in Broken Hill for years, and is found extensively throughout the community. We were engaged to spearhead a campaign targeted at residents to raise awareness about potential harm from lead, and to reduce lead exposure amongst children—the most at-risk group in the region. Using the periodic table as inspiration, we developed a visual identity based on the notion that the five areas of relevance to this campaign—nutrition, environment, occupation, renovation and hygiene—are intrinsically linked, and should be considered as interacting parts of a whole when determining a solution. Visually, this is represented by a flexible grid-based design that is utilised to highlight areas of information for specific collateral, but also as a consolidated treatment to reinforce the importance of synergy amongst the ‘elements’.

At the core of the brand is the LeadSmart name and logo. This is the unifying element that promotes a LeadSmart community, and helps us to tie everything back to a single, focused goal of thinking about how people live with lead in Broken Hill. The LeadSmart logotype is accompanied by an icon representative of the famous desert sculpture, generating a sense of locality and ownership. We then set about creating a tone of voice for the campaign that not only encourages a proactive response from the community, but provides a sense of ownership of the issue—Our town, our kids, our future.

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‘It was important for this campaign to be very real and local, so L+L were fantastic in co-ordinating and working with our local community and groups to ensure authenticity through the visual and language execution. It was a powerful blend of creative and collaborative thinking that the team brought to this project which delivered results that exceeded our expectations.’

Shannon Minnis—Community Project Officer, NSW EPA