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We have had the privilege of working with Wentworth Community Housing for many years now, branding and rebranding for them along the way. Their dedication to the betterment of our communities is inspiring, and every time we engage in a project with them we are reminded that ‘design for good’ is one of the most satisfying movements we get to be a part of. Wentworth is a not-for-profit housing company that provides affordable rental housing and other forms of assistance to eligible people on low to moderate incomes. As such, their brand needs to be friendly and approachable, yet versatile enough to communicate not only with customers and tenants, but also more specific audiences like investors and other stakeholders.

Our latest rebrand uses the curve of the roof from the brandmark as the primary design motif, functioning as a space to house imagery and also as a modular layout element in its own right. It helps create a dynamic, flexible series of brand elements that also reinforce the primary function of community housing — putting roofs over people’s heads. Paired with a distinct trio of colours and a clean modern typeface, the end result is a flexible visual identity ready for any application.