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By 2031, the population of NSW is predicted to increase by two million. As well as building new infrastructure, Transport for NSW needs to look at smarter systems and technology-driven solutions to cope with demand. Faced with such sobering realities, the department created the Future Transport initiative — a new approach to long term transport planning, using a digital experience to find out what services customers want over the next 40 years. It was important that the initiative evoked a sense of partnership with the public, and a sense of looking forward to a bright and positive future.

To achieve this, we constructed a Future Transport logotype that includes an infinity icon created from the ‘p’ and ‘o’ in the word transport. Immediately, this helps generate the notion of ‘future’, and of a continually evolving process in relation to technology, transport and the interactive goals of this program. The looping shape of the infinity icon also helps to represent transport, and the idea of a continuing journey. Following on from this motif, an ‘infinitum’ graphic device has been developed which expands visually upon the icon as it appears in the logotype, to be used as a dynamic identifier for the brand and a flexible design element. Additionally, the negative space created in the middle of the infinitum device is analogous to a pair of speech balloons — furthering the notion of a two way conversation between Transport for NSW and their customers.