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Centrepay is a free voluntary bill paying service, whereby deductions come directly from Centrelink payments and can be used to pay many types of bills, such as child care, electricity or rent. Since its inception it has fallen directly under the Centrelink visual identity, and has also undergone some very key changes in regard to usability and perception. As an extremely useful finance management tool for individuals, it was important to portray the service as a positive experience, and an effective product allowing people to take control of their lives. The goal was to separate the Centrepay experience from the overall Centrelink experience—and to allow the product to shine on its own—yet still appear as part of the overall brand.

Our solution was to promote the idea of good choices. With our primary tagline—Good choices start with Centrepay—we establish the product as a valuable tool built around the idea of responsibility, and inherent positivity. Visually, we represent the notion of choice with a selection of carefully chosen icons flowing around customers in a colourful embrace. Hand picked to highlight the services that best promote the responsible use of Centrepay, the icons are used with a selection of colours from the Centrelink extended brand. This creates an inviting, approachable tone of voice for communications, all the while making a very clear visual statement about what Centrepay is and how it is best used.

‘The Department of Human Services needed to solve a communication problem for its’ Centrepay product which demanded a complex and strategic communication approach. Working to a very demanding schedule, L+L undertook the challenge to consult with the projects’ stakeholders which resulted in the creation of a new visual identity and a strategic communication package.’

Donna Smail—Communication Account Manager, Department of Human Services

‘L+L organised our planning activities in detail. This meant, if things slowed down, timelines along with activities such as workshops and surveys could be adjusted efficiently to suit. The brief was looking for a fresh and friendly approach targeting a broad customer base. The result was contemporary, bright and flexible creative that also fit within the department’s corporate branding framework.’

Donna Smail—Communication Account Manager, Department of Human Services