Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Service
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The Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Service (SACPS) is a victims’ legal service that helps protect the privacy of counselling notes and other confidential therapeutic records in criminal proceedings involving sexual offences. The service aims to protect confidential counselling and therapeutic relationships, recognising that disclosure of private records causes further trauma to a victim if that information is revealed to the accused or in a public court room. Ultimately, stopping the disclosure of these records will encourage the reporting and prosecution of sexual assaults. L+L Design were engaged to create an awareness campaign targeted towards legal and law professionals who often aren’t aware of the specifics of the Privilege or the benefits to victims.

To address this directly, our concept revolved around a straightforward, bold directive — Stop. Think. Protect. With this message, we create an immediate sense of urgency around sensitive information, and importantly we focus on the notion of protecting the victim. It was important to not only highlight the legality surrounding such privileged information, but also to appeal to the desire for positive outcomes for victims — the end goal of all the parties involved. A vivid, noticeable, yet serious black and yellow colour scheme was introduced to generate a strong brand identity, and to help highlight privileged documents when necessary. Photographically, victims are cropped from the eyes upwards, emphasising the message of anonymity.