Roads & Maritime Services
Publication Design

Publication Design
Brand Application

We have provided design and creative services for Roads & Maritime Services for over two decades now, from as far back as when they were known as the RTA. In that time our projects with them have ranged from community updates and technical mapping requirements, through to annual reports and coffee table style publications showcasing their achievements in infrastructure and design philosophies for world class transport requirements. Every project we complete with RMS is an exercise in detail, clarity and function designed to communicate the responsibilities of the department through consistency and professionalism. Here we showcase a couple of projects that are representative of these ideals, and testament to our ongoing collaboration.

‘Beyond the Pavement’ demonstrates a commitment to urban design as a principle and to concerns for the environment beyond the road corridor – including the impacts of infrastructure on the surrounding built and natural fabric and affected communities. To aid this message we transformed the document into a quality publication designed to not only inspire urban designers, but to ignite innovation. ‘Achievements in Road and Maritime Infrastructure Projects’ is an acknowledgment of the significant body of work completed across New South Wales by RMS and their partners. Our design helped to frame these achievements in an appealing, memento-style book that was shared with contributors at a special event.

‘L+L have always provided excellent service and value for money. Their output is always first class and of the highest quality, with a talented and creative design team, as well as highly experienced directors leading the business. Across the agency and amongst a diverse and broad range of stakeholders, the feedback on their delivery is excellent.’

Amanda Dunne—Senior Customer Information Officer

‘They are also a pleasure to deal with and nothing is ever too much trouble. I would have no hesitation recommending L+L. They are one of RMS’s key service providers and would be an asset to any panel they are a part of.’

Amanda Dunne—Senior Customer Information Officer