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Brand Identity
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Working within the NSW Government Visual Identity framework we developed a vibrant, flexible and comprehensive brand identity for OTSI. Utilising a colour palette we specifically curated from the master‑brand theme—to link visually with notions of transport safety, as well as the natural colours of the NSW land and seascapes—we created a unique and recognisable look‑and‑feel centred around modularity and context. With allowances for photographic and illustrative executions, the brand leverages colour, imagery and composition to represent OTSI as a progressive and responsible transport safety investigator.

In addition to a robust set of print and digital brand templates and collateral, we also produced a detailed Brand Guidelines document for OTSI to use and help guide third‑party suppliers. This has been intrinsic to OTSI producing consistent in‑house collateral, as well as overseeing the completion of a range of externally generated materials and projects that are brand‑compliant.