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Youth off the Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for disadvantaged young people who may be homeless, drug dependent or recovering from abuse. Youth off the Streets supports these young people as they work to turn their lives around and overcome immense personal trauma such as neglect, physical, psychological and emotional abuse. Since opening in 1991, Youth off the Streets has grown from a single food van delivering meals to young homeless people on the streets of Kings Cross to a major youth specific agency offering a full continuum of care through delivery of a wide range of services. With this growth, it became apparent a new visual identity was needed to more accurately communicate the breadth of services offered, and to better engage with their audiences. We were privileged to be chosen as the agency for the job.

To achieve this we developed a flexible, dynamic and purposeful brand bursting with colour, character, and a sense of purpose. The brief identified three target audiences — young people, current and potential supporters, as well as corporate entities. A variable suite of design elements, from youthful grunge-based typography and paint splatters, to colours and textured backgrounds, allowed us to create a branding system that could be pared back as required, or amplified to generate maximum impact. The result is a visual identity that is always consistent, and always relevant. We commend Youth off the Streets for everything they do, and are thankful to have been part of their success.