Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Suite of Reports

Brand Application
Publication Design

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is an independent statutory agency whose primary responsibilities revolve around privacy and freedom of information. The agency also has a range of responsibilities under other laws, including those relating to data matching, eHealth, spent convictions and tax file numbers, as well as providing information and advice on privacy to individuals, businesses and agencies. We were approached to design and produce a suite of reports for OAIC including their Annual Report, Corporate Plan, and Digital Health Annual Report.

The creative brief called for contemporary reports that are sophisticated, engaging and uncluttered. In addition to this, the client was seeking to improve the ‘readability’ of the documents from previous years to better reflect the hierarchy of content, assisting the reader to determine at a glance their ‘place’ within the document, and to improve the overall accessibility and comprehension of content for both internal and external stakeholders. To achieve this, we developed a carefully constructed colour-coding and grid system that not only solved these issues, but also illustrated the relationship between the Corporate Plan and Annual Report, visually reflecting and emphasising the connection between the reports.