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Markiewicz & Co. is one of Australia’s leading full service investment management and financial advisory firms. Their experienced advisers specialise in developing tailored wealth management solutions and individual investment strategies that are focussed on achieving financial objectives for a wide variety of clients. We were charged with bringing these values to life through a new brand identity and related collateral. The brief was to create a contemporary, sophisticated visual identity that conveyed professionalism, reliability and refinement. In addition, it needed to be based on principals involving both simplicity and attention to detail. Our response involved taking the idea of ligatures to form a distinctive logotype featuring conjoined characters. The conjunctive nature of the ampersand symbolises the partnership inherent with Markiewicz & Co and their clients, and a sense of solidity.

Carefully chosen imagery, representing Markiewicz & Co’s varied audience, is used to enhance the focus of the brand toward it’s most important element — people. This allows for a broad range of applications, attracting and representing different demographics as required. A bold, black and white approach is used for the logo and elements, giving the brand a strong, dependable appeal. This also contrasts effectively with the colourful imagery, creating a balanced and considered identity for the company that extends through all the materials.