Bowral Classic Event Identity
Yaffa Media

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design & Build
Event Collateral

The Bowral Classic is a Gran Fondo style cycling event held in the picturesque surrounds of the Southern Highlands. Conceived and operated by Yaffa Media, its inaugural running was held in 2016 to great success. After an effective rebrand of Yaffa’s own identity, we were approached to create the brand for the Bowral Classic, including the design and development of a supporting website for the event and all associated collateral.

Inspired by the exhilaration of the sport, the beauty of the landscape, and the sense of freedom the event embodies, we built a dynamic and considered brand identity using the well known sprocket shape from the cassette of a bicycle. Featuring a vibrant red colour evoking the passion and strength of the dedicated rider, a bold and noticeable typeface, and photography that captures the scenic qualities of the iconic location, the end result is strong brand for an event with a bright future.