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We work regularly with the Austrade brand in the form of publications, exhibition design, general brand application, and even creating sub-brands like Australian International Education 2025. Our in-depth knowledge and stewardship of their identity put us in a very qualified position to generate a set of guidelines governing the roll-out and application of their office branded environments. With a large suite of primary and secondary brand elements, and the desire to incorporate a varied and practical library of materials for offices around the world to choose from, we developed a comprehensive document using real world examples and indicative illustrations to detail every possible configuration available.

In addition to providing illustrative examples of design options and solutions, we also art directed a photo shoot in Austrade’s Adelaide office — a recently refurbished example — to showcase real world best practice examples, providing all-important context for the guidelines. Our recommendations extended through to furniture and fittings, stipulating Dulux colours to be used which matched the brand Pantone colours as closely as possible.