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ASEAN NOW is an Australian Government produced report, which examines the important trade relationship between Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The report covers topics as diverse as the opportunities and challenges for Australian business engaging with the region, and the future of the Australia-ASEAN trade relationship. A key component of the project was to represent much of the information using engaging infographics, as well as creating a visual identity that would also be used to launch the report at a special event.

Our solution involved a bold, abstract approach to reflecting the ASEAN nations and their diverse cultures. A series of overlapping, intersecting ‘petals’ help to reinforce the notion of collaboration, partnership and industry diversity. The inspiration for these petals came from flora common to the region—often used as spiritual offerings—and the bright colours formed from their intersections are not only indicative of this flora, but also the colourful textures and architecture found in many of the ASEAN nations.